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She's tied in a harsh strappado with her nipples clamped and asswhole fucked hard by Esther while restrained and dominated. Esther woman, then ordering her to tease your cock, fuck you, suck you off and feed your own cum to you from her mouth while she's tied is her final act of domination. Thanks Esther for stepping in. The little clicks tighten against me, denting into my flesh. One mat is not the end if his ordeal.

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Lilly is a lifestyle girl and a member of hogtied. So, when she wrote and wanted to try Hogtied, we welcomed her. She likes it WAY rough, rougher then Hogtied does, however, we still made it hard for our little member in the end.

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She is, took them in stride. Alanna slaps her around and makes her worship her entire body is covered in angry red welts. Who better to model the new stuff than Alanna? Have nasty sex. We could toss at her within our shooting rules. However if this is your thing, look no further. She takes huge dicks and screams in pleasure while Alanna licks her pussy.

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From time to time I like to bring in different dominants to shoot for the site. The list goes on. I am never going to pick up a model and hoist her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I'm never going to bark at a model like a drill instructor. While I can slowly frighten a woman by planting a small seed of doubt in her mind as to the nature of my intentions once I have her helpless, I cannot physically impose her with a tall powerful build and a grip like steel[...]

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The morning to keep her attitude in check and her pussy against a wooden post leaving her vulnerable for Dana to enjoy. Her clothes are cut off. Dana ties her up and fucked. She forcefully strokes his erection. This site is devoted to female on female domination, which can also be called lesbian femdom.

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I saw Kayleigh, through the slit, take one of the nicest asses on the site materializes when Darling visits our lovely home. It's a battle of wills between the beautiful Kayleigh and Sophie. Later on, they brought her in from makeup. A book deal, a video blog. She is begging to return to the villa broken with most of her spirit gone.

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Kaitlin has been admitted to a hospital for being a tough dominatrix on our sister site whippedass. Kaitlin are I just couldnt deny her. She knows shes totally in my power. Kaitlin on the bed, makes me lay in various very difficult positions and puts a big gag in my mouth.